Wonder Woman skirt

DIY Wonder Woman skirt

I want to first say, that this is my second attempt in making this Wonder Woman skirt, since the first one didn’t go exactly as planned. And that’s okay! Maybe at least you guys can learn from my mistakes or get inspired by the solution! 🙂
I made it only from the patterned top fabric and vliseline on the bottom. It was too light and got wrinkled up every time during traveling with the costume. So I decided to remake it completely and document it this time. Enjoy the tutorial!

I used:
* Cheap fabric belt
* 1 mm thick black smooth floor rubber
* Fabric with pattern I liked
* Blue and gold acrylic paint
* Needle and strong thread

I started with the pattern. For the first skirt, I had such pain with creating the pattern which was not really good for a quick craft, so I bought a new pattern from EpochEchoCosworx (which I can highly recommend!) and transfered it on the floor rubber piece I bought at local DIY store. I have to warn you guys - the rubber smells pretty bad with it's oily-rubbery smell. It definitely needs some time on the air, so the smell weakens and gets lost. But it is completely normal, so don't get scared, your skirt won't smell, if you will give it time to breathe! 🙂

I took the belt and put it on me, with zipping on my back. I measured where is the middle on the front and marked it. Before I start glueing the fabric on the rubber pieces, I put them together and sewed them on the belt, so I could see if the pieces are okay on me, stay where I need them to be, or if they are not too wide/small for my measurements. Be careful, when you will go with needle through the rubber, it will leave a small hole, so be sure to sew to the places where you will sew probably later as well!

When I was finally somehow satisfied, I cut the rubber pieces from the belt and prepared my patterned fabric. I did not use thick fake leather as most of the cosplayers, because I never found a pattern which I liked for the skirt, but I found a really nice soft fabric with like “chipped” fake leather on it and decided to use it. I put glue on the rubber pieces and then just lied them down on the fabric, putting some books on it to make it stick together better and wait! When the glue dried, I cut it out, fixed or glued any corners that might not stick with the rubber and voilá – it is ready to be painted! 🙂

I should maybe use here paint for fabric or faux leather, but I wanted specific metallic blue for the skirt and managed to find it only in acrylic colors. Test on the piece of fabric ended up perfect as well so I did not see a problem why not use it on it. I used masking tape to make the golden edges on the pieces and then covered them up with the tape, so they won't get dirty from the blue. Instead of a brush, I used a normal kitchen sponge to apply the color and smear it evenly on the skirt.

Then I just simply put all the pieces together again and sewed them on the fabric belt. For the back piece to cover the zipping, I sewed in on one side to the belt and then just sewed a little square of velcro on the other. And tadaaaah - your skirt is ready! 🙂