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I am Shial, nice to meet you!
I love doing cosplay in my free time and if you like cosplay, want to do it or are cosplayer yourself, you are on the right site! 🙂 Check out my costume portfolio or maybe you will find something interesting in the blog section! You can also check my contact section and social sites for more work in progress pictures, behind the scenes and other stuff.
I hope you will enjoy my work! <3

Latest blog posts

Wonder Woman skirt

DIY Wonder Woman skirt I want to first say, that this is my second attempt in making this Wonder Woman ...
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Wonder Woman corset

Wonder Woman Corset tutorial So I decided I will write up the whole way how I made my corset for ...
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Photoshoot tips and tricks!

Photoshoot basics - tips and tricks! Good photographs are really important for cosplayers to present their work - online, or ...
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